Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hollywood Tonight

   Yes. That's the title of MJ's "new" song!!! But in fact, this post is about the 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper the dancer is wearing the video!! I was just watching the music video last night and I had to pause & go "OMG! American Apparel's jumper!"

    I just tried it on at AA the other day. Love the detailing. 

   In fact, when I saw it in the store it wasn't the first time I see it. I've seen it on QQueen of Heart's blog a couple days before. I love the way she styled it. 

   I really wanted to buy it that day, but it was a bit out of my price range, considering I was looking for a completely different item!! I actually asked the sales associate why it was so pricy, she said it was because the details have been all done by hand. No wounder! It's an awesome jumper though, I must admit! :(

xo xo,


  1. i love that jumper... but im not willing to spend over $100 on it when im unemployed. GOOD EYE with the model. he does work at h&m ;)

  2. I KNEW IT!! On the other hand, it's sad that I can recognize sales associates from stores. This means I'm at the mall way too much :S

    About the Jumper... Yes. I agree. I won't spend $100 on one item. I'm currently unemployed too (Hi5!)


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