Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Stars. 2 Magazine Covers. 1 Dress!

While browsing the magazine stand at Shoppers Drug Mart last week, I picked FLARE Magazine, looked at the cover & felt like I recognized the dress... I was like: "This is a pretty dress, but why does it feel like I just saw it somewhere"... I thought about it for a second, turned 30 degrees to stare at the far end of the stand where I started the browsing &... there it was. The SAME dress but on ELLE's cover!

It might not be the greatest discovery of all time, but I found it pretty amusing. I thought magazines are supposed to be quite competitive, creatively fashionable & UNIQE! But I guess not.

In the fashion world, when something like this happens, it's an automatic fashion faceoff... WHO WORE/STYLED IT BEST?

The dress: PRADA

#1 - FLARE - May Issue
Zooey Deschanel's look was styled with cuffs (by Nissa Jewelry) and a ring (by Rebekah Price Designs).


#2 - ELLE - April Issue


Amanda Seyfried opted in for a white gold and diamond bracelets (by De Beers) and her own ring.

Conclusion: Both pulled it off pretty well. BUT..... Amanda takes this one. I don't know if it's her minimalist approach with the accessorizing, the toned-down makeup or just her gorgeous hair. It just works!

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