Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm not a saint. No not at all!


stage one: attraction.
"I love this song!"

stage two: the honeymoon.
"I'm going to the concert!"

stage three: boredom
"Really? This song again?"

stage four: the break up.
"I've had enough."

stage five: redemption.
"I haven't heard this song in a while!"

Current Favorite Song (honeymoon stage!) & one of my new favorite artists. Jessie J is doing great as a new artists, her videos rock, she has a very cool persona (watch her interviews/live performances), strong voice, talented writer and has a VERY very strong sense of fashion. In a nut shell, SHE'S AWESOME!

Here's here 'Vevo Stylized' video were she talked about her favorite fashion pieces and what she thinks fashion is really about....

"Style should be what makes you comfortable"
"Style should not have a brand"
"Vintage... is an amazing way to bring character to an outfit that can be quite boring"

Xo xo,

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