Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shoe of the day: Irregular Choice's Raspberry Ripples

First, sorry for not posting for a while. It's that time of the year again.... EXAMS. Yay! NOT!!
So I won't be posting very much next couple weeks, but as soon summer starts, will make it up for you! =)

 Raspberry Ripples Mid Heel Sandals - By Irregular Choice


It's not the kind of sandals that I usually go for, but I love how detailed it is, and the colours just say summer all over. Can't wait for this weather to improve - even if for a bit. So tired of wearing boots! :$


  1. Hi,
    Aren`t they very high?Are they confortable? I´m thinking of buying ones...

  2. Thanks for the comment. They're actually not that high, just 10 cm (~3.9 inches). The conned/thick heels makes it comfortable & more stable for walking! :)


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