Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Dear Tick

Hello Bloggerworld,

I'm sorry for being MIA for a bit and not making any posts. But my computer decided to die on me and now I'm computer-less :( Will try to blog through my phone and netbook as much as I can while I try to get a replacement!

Anyhow, I finally bought some batteries for my crappy digital camera and wanted to start making posts about MY shoe collection. It's rather small at the moment but I shall expand it  as the days go by. My goal, a Carrie Bradshaw-like shoe collection!

Carrie Bradshaw SATC shoe wardrobe

Kidding. I think that would be impossible (even though I would love to). I just wanna have an interesting collection that best represents ME!

So to start this series of posts off, I thought there is no better place to start than with the craziest, most expensive and very strong statement-making pair. Jeffery Campbell's Tick!

My dear tick
My JC's Tick - taken with my camera (sorry about the quality/lighting!) :$

Some of my friends think it's ugly. But I love it. When I wear it anywhere, people can't take their eyes off of it.  In general, I'm not an attention-seeking person, but hey, it doesn't hurt every once in a while ^_^

Rock the runway outfit
Photo by the blogger Lia - Glass of Fashion
I wore it out to Rock The Runway at the Royal Ontario Museum back in March and was spotted by the oh-so-fashionable- Lia of Glass of Fashion. She asked for a picture and posted it on her blog (which you gotta check it out. It's a GREAT blog!). In fact, it was one of the inspirations that got me to start THIS blog. So thanks to JC, A Woman's Right to Shoes became a reality.

So tell me shoe-aholics, what's your favorite pair from YOUR closet?

Xo xo,

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