Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shoe of the day: John Galliano

If you haven't seen the John Galliano's S/S2011 fashion show - or at least the pictures - YOU MUST GO DO THAT RIGHT NOW! The clothes & the make-up are cRaZy. Nothing not expected from Mr. Galliano of course, but it is creative in a very refreshing way.

It wasn't just the clothes and the makeup of course, the SHOES were equally magnificent & incredibly high. I love them! Left me woundering how it would feel like wearing a pair to my next formal ^__^ *day dreams*

So today I decided to share one of the designs. I choose it because of the colour. It's one of those things that will make any boring outfit/dress POP!

Model Ataui Deng - John Galliano S/S2011 (c)

So,would you dare sporting these out?

Xo xo,


  1. It's a fabulous looking shoe, but a bit too pink for my liking haha.
    I found this quote and thought you'd might like it: "Shoes are the exclamation point at the end of a fashion statement" - Laurie Schecter

  2. Yea. I understand what you mean! The collection had it in many different colours though. Check it out, you might like 'em! :)

    & I LOVE this quote. thanks for sharing =D


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