Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ready for summer?

Ok, so the weather in Canada is finally starting to feel a bit like summer. Still very unstable, but it has been hot lately. I'm getting into full-summer mode though and going all-out in getting all the summer items I want.

So here's a quick post about some of my purchases so far

ready for summer
Sunglasses - Ardene
InstaDry Nailpolish in Brisk Blue 27 - Zellers (The Canadian Target!)
Revlon Nailpolish in Cravin Coral 902 - Wal-Mart (I think!)
Elf Concealer Brush - GT (Only people from small Canadian towns know what that is ;P)
Stiletto Mascara by Maybelline - Wal-Mart
In Style Magazine

My Flowerbomb Set <3

Flowerbomb V&R

H&M Necklace
H&M Necklace

More updates on purchases to come ;)

So, what have you been buying for this summer?

Xo xo,

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