Friday, August 12, 2011

Packing, airplane outfit & Istanbul at Night

Istanbul Street at Night

As promised, here's my first post about my trip to Istanbul.

First, the packing was and has always been the hardest part of any trip I take. I'm very indecisive when it comes to what to take and what to leave behind. Shoes-wise, i narrowed it down to the shoes in the picture (below), then I eliminated 5 more I think! I tried to be organized with the accessories, so I grouped them based on type (necklaces, rings, earrings ... etc) into small zip-lock bags. That was the best thing I've ever done when it came to packing. Been very helpful throughout my trip ^__^

What I really wanted to share in this post is my travel outfit. MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT ...EVER! For the 2 flights, I wore pretty much the same outfit but switched a couple items.
H&M black tights (more comfortable thing I've ever wore. so decided against pants and planned my whole outfit around the tights)
Long white shirt (wore a plain basic one for the first flight & a ZARA one on the 2nd flight)
H&M blazer (which I wore whenever it was cold i.e. on the plane itself and when the AC was high at any part of my trip)
Flats (black FOREVER21 flats for the first flight, then H&M leopard flats for the 2nd flight)
Long scarf (from ARDENE, helped keep me warm on the plane!)
It was really simple, really comfortable, and I really liked the whole look!

I arrived in Istanbul around dinner time, so I had dinner and walked around the hotel area for a bit, it was really beautiful at night and I enjoyed the music that was being played on some of the streets =)

I narrowed down the shoes to these - then I was forced to eliminate some more!

Organized Accessories
Organized my accessories~! 

Packing Summer Reading
Packing a summer read is a must... ! ^__^

I'm in Istanbul B!tch!
I'm in Istanbul B! !
I look retarded, but only pic that I really took with the flight outfit:$

Waiting for my flight
At Ataturk Airport

Snacking at the airport. I <3 desserts!

Hotel Lobby
Hotel Lobby

Statue at the Hotel
Statue by the Elevator
Turkish Delights
Turkish Delight

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee

Aqueduct of Valens at Night
Aqueduct of Valens at Night

I was really exhausted, so I decided to go to bed early, which was a great idea, cause I got to watch the beautiful sunrise the next morning! More pictures to come in the next post ;)

Xo xo,

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