Monday, November 14, 2011

Istanbul Shoe Finds

Hello fellow shoe-aholics,

So finally I'm getting around to writing this. Been having quite a hectic life lately :(
But I'm back... and hopefully this will be my first post back in consistent blogging again!
Anyways, as you can probably tell from the title, I wanted to share with you a group of Turkish designers' work that I discovered while strolling the streets of Galata, Istanbul. The shop's name is NES and is run by the ever so fashionable Neslihan G√ľneri . 

Here're some of my favorite picks! :)

Nes Shoes

Nes Shoes 2

Nes Shoes 3

Nes Fav Picks

I'm also in love with their winter photoshoot =D

Nes, Istanbul

Don't forget to check out Nes's facebook fan page and if you live in Istanbul, you should totally go check out the store.

Xo xo,

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