Sunday, January 8, 2012

Favourite December Purchases

Jacob Nailpolish in Rouge Stiletto
Skirt: Smarset ; Nail Polish: Jacob in Rouge Stiletto

I'm not so big on hauls and things, but I wanted to share some pictures on some of my new favourite items in my wardrobe. I got them all during the Christmas/boxing week sales. So they're all actually pretty cheap. And what's great about them is that I can see myself using them over and over again. They were totally worth it =)

Ps. Everyone keeps thinking the watch is Michael Kors' Runway, which is the one I've been initially eyeing. But I had to accept the fact that I can't afford it right now, and had to go with this look-a-like!

Smartset Skirt
Skirt: Smarset

Aldo Watch
Watch: Aldo

Aldo Ring
Ring: Aldo

Aldo Ring 2

Aldo Ring 2 Closeup
Ring: Aldo

Aldo Bag

Aldo Bag
Bag: Aldo

I know that's a lot of Aldo items, but they had the buy 3 get 20% off everything deal. So I got the 2 rings and the watch :D I guess I could've called this post 'Chic on a Budget' because all the items are very chic and didn't break the bank!

Xo xo,

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