Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spikes to Kill the Blues

Unif HELLRAISER - Picture Courtesy of Solestruck

Hello Blogger World,

Sorry about MIA despite promising to post more. Sort have been (still kinda am) in a dark place. I'm having a post-grad crisis. A OMGWTFAIGDWML moment (that in dictionary that stands for, ohmiGod what the f am I gonna do with my life moment). Sad, I know. But I'll get out of it... I hope!

Anyway... so SHOES!!!!!!!!! In an attempt to make myself feel better, I got 3 new pairs. One sexy Tahari Black heels for my graduation, 1 pair of ballet flats, and a pair of loafers (all were cheap, no worries!). I actually didn't take pictures yet. Will do tomorrow, and post them, but I was actually thinking of attempting my first ever DYI. Turning the plain black loafers into spiked loafers (pictured here). I have seen a few DYI, they look pretty neat. What do you guys think (tweet me @alyaa_bradshaw). Hopefully I'll have the guts to get the tools and attempt it soon and show u the results. But until this happens. here's a list of my 'Spiky Inspirations'

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

Celebrities - Yup. Kanye wore the trend too!!

Denim Version

Useful DIY Tutorial here

They are so hot!!

Variation of Spikey -  Courtesy of  Solestrcuk

Xo xo,

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