Saturday, March 12, 2011

LITA... need I say more?

Jeffery Campbell's Lita is without a doubt THE shoe of the year. It managed to establish itself as a basic in every fashinista's shoe closet. Every popular blog I've been on had Lita on it somewhere. Some blogs seemed to be revolving around Lita, including the fashionable Shan's blog ( She owns it in pretty much every colour!

   As for me, I LOVE how it looks & the bazillion ways you can wear it. But that still didn't make me rush to buy it. I mean, I'm awkwardly tall already and wasn't sure how I'll walk in it. It might sound a bit ironic, but despite my love for shoes -every shape, colour, classy, sexy or just bazaar looking- I'm challenged when it comes to walking. My left foot just manages to twist on me somehow and i always end up ruining my shoes. I considered going to Dr's to get it checked out, but I'm too much of a chicken to do that. I keep getting this nagging feeling that s/he will tell me something is wrong with my legs and that I shouldn't wear heels (do I hear you laughing?? don't laugh! that's a serious matter for me here :P).....  ANYWAYS, so, I was on campus the other day, and I spot a girl wearing a pair of Lita (in black) and I automatically jump and tell her how great they look, and ask her how comfortably do they fit... obviously they ain't gonna be the most comfortable shoes in the world, I just needed a rating of how painful they could be or how long their "half-life" is when it comes to bearable hours of wear. Surprisingly, she says it's one of the most comfortable heels she ever wore. I was like mmmmmm... interesting! So few weeks later, while walking by the fashion district I stop by one of my favorite shoe shops and ask them if they have a pair in size 10.. and of course they did (they're awesome like that)... I put it on & I'm like 'OMG! It IS comfortable'... So now, I want to get the plain olive one (above). I don't care how I'll make it fit into my budget, but I really want one!

  So enough writing for me, I'll end the post with some pictures of what I think are amongst the best worn Litas that I came across.. I love how everyone wore differently adding so much of their personal style to the outfit =)
By: Rumi Neely of fashiontoast
By: nay_myquel of iinmyshoez

By: Mel O of itsnotalwaysaboutheight
By: Jinna Boo of Greaseandglamour
By: Chiara of theblondesalad
By: B. Taylor (from chictopia)
Don't know her name but here is the chictopia link
I hope I end up getting one! *fingers crossed*

xo xo,

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