Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is she wearing? ... Beyoncé. Run the world

Queen B has done it yet again. With an astonishing 23+ million views in less than a week, no wounder everyone is going gaga for 'Run the world'. When the audio is released I found it to be really catchy but the teaser video made me unable to wait for the official release. Watched the video within 20 mins of it's release -something I almost never do, I'm usually not that hardcore in music. But it wasn't really the song itself that caught my full attention, it was the OUTFITS!

As soon as I saw those crazy gold shoes I was like  ...>> *_*'

And every single dress she wore was right on! So I went on a quest to find what is she wearing.........

 1. The Red Dress

This complete outfit was straight out of Queen B's closet. It's an Alexander McQueen dress from Fall 2010 collection paired with boots also from the same collection.

2. The Gold Crown

It's GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! It was made especially for this music video by  Erickson Beamon ( They should totally make more of it and sell it on their website =)

As for the necklace, it's Giuseppe Zanotti (

3. The Black Shoes

To finish off this awesome look, she wore Alexander Wang's fringed heels. I don't know how she can dance like that in heels. Or even dance like that in the first place! FIERCE!

4. The White Dress

One word.  Givenchy~! This gorgeous dress is from the Spring 2011 couture collection... ME WANT ONE!

5. The Black Dress

With all those amazing cut-out details how can you not fall in love with this dress???
It's also a couture dress but this time from Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 collection. 
Love how she took it and made it her own. Beautiful!

6. The Gold-all-over Ensemble 

All Gareth Pugh while the rings are Laruicci (

Must stop staring. Must stop. Must stop. Must stop! x.X

7. The Yellow Dress

The yellow gold embroidered dress - Emilio Pucci Spring 2010

The boots -Sergio Rossi Gladiator boots 

8. The Green Finale Dress

Another Emilio Pucci dress from the next season's collection (fall 2011). 

If you pay close attention to the dress, you will notice that the right sleeve is missing from Beyonce's gown. Apparently it had a whole in it and ran off, so the stylist cut it out and was planning to put it back on. BUT, it got coincidently shipped to NY and B had to wear it without the sleeve. Worked out pretty well eh? =)

Ok, that's end of my super duper long post. I hope you enjoyed the outfits as much as I did. 
*ps. I'm still drooling over those gold shoes* :$

Xo xo,

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