Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around & About: Urban Outfitters

Shoes Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Shoes

I've never really been an UO fan. I've always seen it as another overpriced store. But it's been growing on me lately. Last time I was there (the downtown Toronto store), started to see that it actually has some pretty nice stuff. It just requires a lot of browsing. I really liked the shoes [above] but the size ranges are quite limited. That's quite frustrating if you like a certain item but you can't find the right size :( On the upside, the material is pretty good, it stands out and the vintage-like and/or edgy-feel of the products can add a lot to any wardrobe.  I would pretty much like to own every single pair in this pic, especially the brown one!

I also found a lot of other random things [below] that I found pretty amusing/make great gifts. From books, notebooks, post-it... to music, photography & art work. I sure need to shop there more often.

McQueen Urban Outffiters
Alexander McQueen - A tribute book
Awesome photographs and commentary inside 

Get you ish together Urban Outfiters
That made me LOL! 

Post-it Urban outfiters
I could totally use some of those!

What the F happened last night
I know who I wanna buy this for! (It's my friend holding the glass in the picture)

What recent shops have you explored and loved?

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