Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to AWRTS

I can't believe this. But it's been exactly A YEAR since the my first blog post on 'A Woman's Right to Shoes'. Time flies by indeed. I know I've been horrible at writing posts regularly, but I'm hoping this will all change when I'm finally done with the undergraduate chapter of my life & have more time to indulge in things that I actually like doing.
So many books I want to read, so many movies I want to catch up on, need to spend more quality time with family and friends, and certainly, need more shoes in my life! 
I haven't made any 'real' purchases since my last pair from aldo (here). Mostly because I can't afford to. Financially & time-wise. 

I really missed the mall, so I had to make a quick stop yesterday. As you sure know, yesterday was the launch of Marni for H&M. All the 'good' items were already wiped off the shelves. And I found that the majority of what remained to be the mediocre pieces. I got myself some regular non-marni earrings because I'm down to the last matching pair (yes, I have to buy earrings in sets of at least 6 because I lose them like crazy ! =S), anyway, I was sooo happy when I was given a Marni for H&M bag. Love the colour, design and material. Something I sure will use over and over again =D
*totally made my day*
Head-to-toe H&M including the leopard print flats (not shown); Watch - Aldo

 Before I digress anymore, I just needed to take a break from studying and make a quick post. For the latest of my favorite shoes, follow my facebook page. I like to post pictures, videos and all that good stuff on there (mostly because it's easy and fast on there!). So yeah, make sure to 'like' the page for more frequent updates.

Xo xo,

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