Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Forget the Queen, God Save My Shoes

God Save My Shoes DVD
Hello lovelies,

   So I'm finally DONE with school!!!!! (wohoooo) It's been a week, but I haven't had the chance to relax for a minute, had to start packing 5 years worth of stuff and move. Then it was the painting, redecorating, the unpacking and all that life-draining stuff. But I was so excited when I got a copy of God Save My Shoes in the mail. Since I missed the premier and the screenings as it was in NYC, I have been dying to watch it. Thanks to the awesome Caid Productions team, I got an exclusive preview. I JUST finished watching it and OMG... Brilliant!!! It addressed a lot of topics from why shoes are so special to women, the comfort issues, emotional attachment to shoes, role of the media (&of course, SATC) in bringing designer shoes to the spotlight, cultural norms and the sex appeal ... pretty much everything you want to know and MORE! I'm not gonna lie, some of the info blew me away, from the stats (shoes being a $40 billion industry) to relationship between shoes & sex (that orgasm-foot situation would have never crossed my mind!). I don't want to ruin it for you because you MUST watch it for yourself. Then, over the next few weeks, I'm planning to bring up the main points from the documentary as well as do some research on my own and hopefully have some interesting posts. 

  If you're a AWRTS reader, you must love shoes as much as I do, and I recommend you watch the documentary, not only a great insight into the world of shoes, but OMGSMBS (=oh my god so many beautiful shoes!)... The DVD will go on sale TODAY (May 8, 2012), and if you order online through www.godsavemyshoes.com/store make sure to enter the code GSMS4EVER for a 20% discount (a secret code that I'm allowed to share my awesome readers ;) ).

   Make sure to let me know when you watch it on here, on my twitter @alyaa_bradshaw or on my facebook page

Xo xo,

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