Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jewelry Box

I LOVE accessories. Everybody that knows me knows I do! In Toronto, I had to buy an IKEA table just to put my accessories on it. Now that I'm home for the summer, I have a dresser (yay) but I didn't want to just stuff my jewelry in the drawers. I wanted them to be easily accessible for me throughout the summer. I had a wooden box already but I needed another one. I went on a search but couldn't find something that I liked & that was on sale. They were like $40-$150 at Sears and The Bay :S

Luckily though, my mom's friend happened to find a nice compact one that I've fallen in love with & got it for me as welcome back gift - she's awesome eh?. My favorite part of it is the top part that has a little mirror and a very cute ring holder section. I was taking pictures as I was transferring my rings to it. It looks pretty =)

new jewllery box
My new Jewelry Box - I love it <3

I also started taking pictures of some of my favorite items. Some turned out pretty so thought I would share.

ring rings rings
Most -if not all- the rings I have right now (there's probably a couple more in the old box still!)

Dragonfly Ring - Smart Set  - $3.00
The latest addition to my rings collection

Muhammad rasool Allah
This necklace is very dear to me because a very wounderful person has the other half <3

something blue 2
"Stolen" from mommy.  :$

gold ring earrings
The ring's my mom's. The earrings are mine. 

Hope you liked this Jewelry post. Let me know if I should post more. Cause I have A LOT more that I can show ^_^

Xo xo,

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