Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pay attention boys & let Darren show you how to wear it!

I know what you guys are thinking. It's a women's blog so why am I blogging about men's clothes?!!! Because I LOVE men in tuxedos. C'mon, who doesn't?

I came across this editorial on GQ online and I felt like I have to share. Darren Criss - yes, that's Kurt's love interest on Glee- has done an editorial for GQ about how to dress for a wedding. The first picture I saw was the Prada "midnight blue" tuxedo. And I must say, I fell in love! The colour, the shape, the fit... very well done. Yeah it might be $3,190, but if it makes a guy look that good, it's can be considered an investment. No?

Ok, that might be a little much for only one tux. But I believe that you don't have to spend that much to look this good. I would advice however, that any guy should invest in a good suite/tux. Take the time and the effort to go get it fitted for a perfectly polished look. The good news is, you don't need a million of those like girls need a gazillion dresses. Just changing the colour of the dress shirt and the tie can make it look like a completely different outfit. For ideas on how to rock a Tux or suite it up, check out Darren's different looks on GQ.

As for the ladies, I have some good news for you. We can rock tuxedos too! =D Take it from the always fashionable Anne Hathaway - whom I greatly adore. She worked the Lanvin tux she wore while hosting the Golden Globe. Just pair it with a pair of shiny heels!

From Google Images

Suggestion. Steve Madden's glittery silver pumps

Steve Madden

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