Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Every Second is a Highlight ~ NYE 11'12!

Happy New Year
NYE 11/12!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Hope you all had a fantastic NYE. I know I did =D For the first time ever, I actually had an outing planned with friends as opposed to sitting at home counting down to my laptop's clock and posting a Facebook status at exactly 12:00:00 a.m.!

Here're some of the pictures I took. My red dress was a last minute pick from Jacob. Thank God for 50% of sales ^___^
As for the shoes, I opted-in for black Aldo flats because I knew I'll be walking everywhere.

What did YOU wear??

Jacob - Red Dress for NYE11/12
Red Jacob Dress $50

Aldo Flats
Black Aldo Flats

Happy New Year
Thanks for bringing this Rachel! ^__^

Happy New Year
At midnight!

Xo xo,

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